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Category: Buddhism

haiku: 27 July 2021

this morning: metta
“happy, healthy, safe, at peace”
then: a weed whacker

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27 July 2021
Greensboro Bend VT

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haiku: 22 July 2021

stained glass, warm sunlight
there’s nobody here but me
or not even me

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22 July 2021
Greensboro VT

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POEM: Buddha beside the highway

Buddha beside the highway

US 17 South
near Remington, Virginia
suddenly he’s there
in a glass box as large as a house
looking out serenely over the highway
spotlights above & below
who put him there?
who pays the electric bill?
who knew there’d be a Buddhist
in a van on this of all nights
needing a little reassurance
on the highway?

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6 July 2021
Greensboro VT

(recalling something I saw early in my van life)

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POEM: vespers


the house is quiet
a chickadee sings nearby
cars pass on the road below
somewhere close the dog naps

yet again my attention is drawn
toward the great question
at the heart of all people
the question that cannot be answered

I was, I wasn’t, I am, I’m not, I will be, I won’t be
I shot twenty-four arrows this afternoon
one hit the small pink target on the hay bale
the rest disappeared into the mist

I have a post office box & a driver’s license
am I real now?

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2 June 2021
Greensboro Bend VT

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POEM: star stuff

star stuff

I honestly don’t know how you did it
not the sitting under the tree bit
that I can more or less understand
it was all the stuff before that
leaving home behind
starving yourself
attacking your own body
all for a chance at true vision
who does that?
at that point the tree must have
seemed like a relief
even though you were starving
a little shade
maybe some support for your back
and then the gift of rice from the young woman
I think I’ve got that part right
by the time the dawn star rose
feeling one with everything
was a natural result
“I’ve reduced myself
to the barest essentials,
to the star stuff of which
we’re all composed”
I made up that quote but still

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23 April 2021
State College PA
for Siddartha Gautama
the Buddha

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POEM: for Kodo Sawaki

for Kodo Sawaki

we never met
we couldn’t have
we’d have disagreed about the war
but agreed about most other things
to be fair, even with a time machine
my Japanese these days
is at an elementary school level
you would have to dumb things down
but I’d enjoy having tea
just sitting there
maybe with a ballgame on
not giving in to group stupidity
until our team scores

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18 April 2021
State College PA

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POEM: redwoods


as high as a football field is long
unlike the field they have no goal
a perfect example of practice


10 February 2021
Lady Bird Johnson Grove
Humboldt County, CA

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haiku: 11 December 2020

warm December day;
a puff of white ash
as I seal the incense jar

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Jason Crane
11 December 2020
State College PA

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POEM: the dharma according to Norman

the dharma according to Norman

4:14 a.m.
he jumps on my ribs as
I sleep on my side
I get up to pee, then
lie on my back
he settles on my chest

5:30 a.m.
this time he meows &
gently bumps my nose
we get up, trying not to wake Owen
I put on shorts & a t-shirt
beside the kitchen table, then
feed Norman

6:10 a.m.
three bells ring
I bow as I finish zazen
turn to find him sleeping
on the recliner behind me
he yowls softly as I scratch his tummy

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Jason Crane
5 August 2020
Tucson, AZ

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