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I’m growing back my mustache. It makes me look like one or both of my fathers. Not a look I’m going for, but you can’t help DNA or random chance. There are other things I can help, though, like that time I saw my father’s hands at the end of my own arms and decided right then and there to turn in a different direction. If I had the chance would I do it over again? Probably, yeah. Take a better shot at being the guy my kids might someday write poems about. The time machine only goes forward and we all move at the same speed.

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POEM: dead dad

dead dad
for Arthur Lee Borders

YouTube told me my dad died
two years after the fact
a video, an email response &
I’m down a parent

the few people I’ve told
send their condolences
but I did my mourning
years ago

his first disappearance
has kept me sober
since I was old enough
to know about drinking

his second exit
is a period
to a sentence
already completed

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20 July 2021
Greensboro VT

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haiku: 18 July 2021

northbound tomorrow
it’s never easy to leave
summer sun setting

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18 July 2021
State College PA

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haiku: 4 July 2021

gnome on the dashboard
with polka dots on his cap
think of Aunt Linda

/ / /

4 July 2021
Greensboro VT

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