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Category: My poems

POEM: like father, like son

like father, like son

you’re into drifting and so am I
though I mean it like Kung Fu
& you mean it like Tokyo Drift

you’ve got my sense of humor &
probably too much of my personality
for your own good

you’re braver than I’ve ever been
& fearless in just the right way
willing to put your whole body

into whatever you’re pursuing
where I was always more
of an indoor kid

most importantly to me:
the same things make you angry
that make me angry

meaning you stand up for others
whether you know them or not
& that’s all I could ever ask for

/ / /

21 April 2021
State College PA
for John Crane

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POEM: all the world

all the world

Sunday nights at seven
(just like Jack Benny)
we gather around our screens
to eat, drink, and be varied
characters from Will’s plays
putting on a voice here or a
pirate hat there
making each other laugh in the chat
it’s a tradition as old as speech itself
telling stories to one another
to push back the darkness
sometimes there’s cake
sometimes there’s mead
always there’s joy & love & attention
we all just want to be seen
each on our own little stage

/ / /

20 April 2021
State College PA
for the Beers & Bard crew

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POEM: to the sky!

to the sky!

well good
pure dreams

always ready
for a shreddy

on that bombshell
of poetic excitement

see you in the next one
to the sky!

/ / /

19 April 2021
State College PA
for Sam Pilgrim

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POEM: for Kodo Sawaki

for Kodo Sawaki

we never met
we couldn’t have
we’d have disagreed about the war
but agreed about most other things
to be fair, even with a time machine
my Japanese these days
is at an elementary school level
you would have to dumb things down
but I’d enjoy having tea
just sitting there
maybe with a ballgame on
not giving in to group stupidity
until our team scores

/ / /

18 April 2021
State College PA

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POEM: proofreading poem

proofreading poem


/ / /

17 April 2021
State College PA

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POEM: orbits


each one drifts apart
falls into a new orbit

basement investigations
over veggie sushi & tea

milestones celebrated
lasting & otherwise

fires lit in circles
burning across the page

elliptical but intersecting
on late-night bridges

off on a lark
in front of the crowd

looking through telescopes
wondering what we are

cloud-obscured stars
outside the bar

/ / /

17 April 2021
State College PA
for Carolee Bennett

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