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Category: My poems

haiku: 7 February 2021

February night —
like static between stations:
the waves in the cove


7 February 2021
south of Mendocino CA

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POEM: Salton Sea Serenade

Salton Sea Serenade

unknown birds sing a
Salton Sea serenade
as I squish my Crocs
through unexpected mud
later I’ll wash it off
but just for a moment
— right now —
this beach and I are one
Mardi Gras Mambo Renge Kyo!


24 January 2021
Niland CA

Thanks to Jim Macnie for the last line.

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haiku: 22 January 2021

watch cattle grazing
feel my heartbeat start to slow
: a morning lesson


22 January 2021
Catalina AZ

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POEM: Revenge!


Mingus! Dolphy!
Elderly people doing yoga!
Park pavilions full of
downward dogs & the upper class.
The Buick owners realigning their chakras
before heading off to brunch.
Everyone has a dog or else no one does.
There’s ozone in the air but the sun is out.
Where’s the promised thunder?
The desert is a dirty liar.
The bass clarinet will have to do.


21 January 2021
Oro Valley, AZ

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POEM: Today was the last time

Today was the last time

I’ve learned that my shell is too fragile
to hold up under the weight
of what might have been.
Like the man said, you can’t go home again.
Had I known I’d be running so hard
I would have stayed in better shape.
And probably not worn Crocs.
I’ll leave this key on the counter.
It no longer unlocks anything.


19 January 2021
Tucson, AZ

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haiku: 16 January 2021

sunshine, wild horses
“you’ll for sure poop in your van”
: Ironwood Forest

/ / /

16 January 2021
Ironwood Forest National Monument

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