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Category: Poem-A-Day 2013

POEM: The Max Headroom Broadcast Signal Intrusion


The Max Headroom Broadcast Signal Intrusion

back when we used to watch the same three channels
& a pirate could take over the nine o’clock news
now a m-m-m-maniac in sunglasses and a latex mask
is shouting the names of his friends and enemies
looking like a crazed Ronald Reagan (yes, all Ronald
Reagans look crazed) & we’re glued to the set
like Oprah was giving away free cars but of course
she hadn’t started doing that yet in 1987; she had only
just displaced Phil Donahue (that ancient wizard) as
the number one talk show host on the block but we digress
Pseudo Max Headroom is on our TV screens in place
of “The Horror Of Fang Rock” & who is Chuck Swirsky?
[screams and moans] “Your love is fading!” & at the end
a woman dressed like Heidi smacks his ass with a fly swatter
& we can’t help but wonder if this was the only
two minutes of honesty on WTTW that entire day

/ / /

Jason Crane
18 January 2014
Oak Street

/ / /

Here’s a video of the incident referred to in this poem:

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POEM: release



I slowly open my hands
feel its wings flutter
against my warm palms
see the colors emerge
from between my fingers
until it is free, flying
lifting off into the sky
leaving a single feather
on the cuff of my sleeve
I put the feather on my desk
so I can look at it later
when I need to remember

/ / /

27 January 2014
State College, PA

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POEM: hunting


the snow has stopped
men in black parkas
move among the hulks

with long handles
excavating their most
precious commodity

water is leaking
from somewhere, spreading
a slow dark stain

the thick glass
keeps out the sound
of the whipping wind

leaving behind
the low, heavy, silent
sound of a dream

as salesmen circle
their prey
in the showroom

31 December 2013
State College

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POEM: you



Dave Von Ronk is singing
about John Henry and bamboo.
I’m sitting at my desk, waiting
for the sun to rise, thinking
about the same thing this morning
I was thinking about last night.

30 December 2013
State College

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POEM: Sunday rain


Sunday rain

awoke to the sound
of the rain on the roof
I turned to put my arm
around you
but you aren’t here

29 December 2013
Oak Street

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POEM: this too is science


this too is science

there are freckles
just below
her collarbone
like a constellation
of tiny stars on flesh

when the sun is up
she covers them
beneath a lab coat
or a blanket
of unpopular opinions

at night, she
slips off her second skin
draws black lines
around her eyes
steps into the darkness

where the laughter is loud
& the music is louder
people jammed together
like atoms in the Big Bang
this too is science

28 December 2013
Oak Street

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