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The "Futur" of shaving — day 1 with a safety razor

As I mentioned yesterday, I just purchased a Merkur “Futur” safety razor from Today was my first shave with my new razor. For the most part, it was wonderful.

I got a nice lather going with my cup and brush, and then picked up the Futur. Right from the start, you can tell this is an actual tool, not just a disposable piece of plastic. It’s solid metal, with just enough heft to make you feel like you’re doing something real, and very nice balance. It’s pretty, too.

As I started to draw the blade down my neck, I started to think I was doing it incorrectly — it felt like no blade was there at all. As it turned out, that’s what a sharp blade feels like. With the right angle and just enough pressure, the cut is so smooth that you can barely feel it, even when your ear tells you that stubble is being cut.

As a thirtysomething who grew up listening to big band music and who still collects Old Time Radio shows, this shaving experience was right up my alley. Not to mention that I’ve spent the week watching Frank Capra films on DVD each night while I’m here by myself in Albany with my family back in Rochester, so I already feel like I’m living in the 30s and 40s.

I made one mistake, which was to experiment with a different direction of cut on part of my neck. I think the combination of too much pressure and the wrong direction caused some irritation. Otherwise, the shave was great. With a little more practice, I hope to leave the days of plastic razors and ridiculously expensive cartridges behind forever.


A new look at shaving

Several years ago, I tried shaving with a shaving mug and brush, plus some Burt’s Bees shaving soap. I used a Gillette Sensor razor, and just didn’t see that big a difference.

For Christmas, Jen bought me some Nutragena Men’s Triple Protect Face Lotion. I decided to take out the mug and brush again. This time, I bought some shaving soap from Herban Cowboy. Even with the modern-day razor, I’ve been enjoying the new feel and the more relaxed, mindful shaving experience.

Then I discovered A Guide To The Gourmet Shaving Experience at the Leisure Guy site. I took his advice and bought a safety razor from The model I bought — a Merkur “Futur” from Germany — arrived today. I’m going to take my first-ever whack at shaving with a safety razor in the morning. I’m excited, which is a crazy thing to say about shaving.

Merkur Futur

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