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Cancer New Moon tarot reading

(Thanks to Seeds of Shakti for the spread. This is the first time I’ve ever done a tarot reading and used the reversals.)

What is currently ebbing and flowing in my heart space? (King of Swords, reversed) This can refer to inner truth or a quiet kind of power. There’s never a time when I’m not searching for the truth of my life. I feel like I’m on the crest of a wave recently where this phase of that ongoing search is concerned.

What blockages are impeding me from expressing self-love? (Seven of Pentacles, reversed) This can speak to the absence of a long-term vision. That’s something I’ve been writing about recently: the idea of planning vs staying in the present. However, this could also mean not so much planning as understanding the very presence of the idea of a longer term than now. In other words, not assigning the experience of the moment to the rest of my life.

What shadow work needs to be done so I can honor my emotions? (The Tower, reversed) This can suggest personal transformation. That feels spot-on, but then again it pretty much always feels spot-on. This can also be about a fear of change or averting disaster. I’m not sure if I’m afraid of change or if I’m just somewhat overwhelmed by how much of it there is. I’d like to think that bowing out of an office job and recommitting to van life is a means of averting one kind of disaster.

What needs to be washed away with the tide? (Knight of Pentacles, reversed) The suggestion is financial incompetence or an obsession with wealth or status. Well the first part is definitely true. As for the obsession, I’m not obsessed with getting rich, but I do recognize how often money (and the lack of it) is on my mind. It’s something I struggle to overcome, and the struggle isn’t helped by the fact that I’m not good with money.

What changes do I need to make to feel more comfortable at home? (Nine of Pentacles, reversed) Self-worth and hustling. In the first place, I don’t have much of a sense of self worth and that’s certainly something I would like to improve. As far as hustling goes, I’m not sure if this card is supposed to suggest that it’s good or bad. Generally speaking, I hate hustling. I guess at least materially my life would be improved by doing more of it. Materially, however, is the only way in which it would be improved.

In what relationships do I need to show more sensitivity? (Five of Cups) The four words keyed to this card in the guide I’m using are regret, failure, disappointment and pessimism. Jesus. I think the relationship I need to be the most sensitive with is the one I have with myself, because these are the kinds of words I use about myself all the time.

Message from the ancestors (Five of Wands) Don’t manufacture conflict or tension. Just be with what is.

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Full moon in Sagittarius tarot reading

1. A goal to set (8 of Wands): Movement, change and travel. This is very much aligned with how I’m feeling these days. I’ve gone from feeling like a van lifer to feeling like a homeless person to feeling like a van lifer again.
2. A mission to accept (9 of Swords): This is a card about being weighed down by heavy thoughts, which is a real issue for me at the moment. (“At the moment,” i.e. since leaving the birth canal.) I’m going to make it my mission to notice those thoughts and let them pass, leaving room for optimism and better decisions.
3. A philosophy to adopt (4 of Swords): Rest, meditation, contemplation. As a Buddhist you’d think this would come naturally but I still have to work at it. I will.

Thanks to Tarot Nerds for the spread.

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New Moon In Gemini Tarot Reading

Where to follow my curiosity (5 of Swords) This is a card about conflict and defeat. One possible interpretation could be to examine how life might be if I weren’t always in conflict with my reality. Can my curiosity (e.g. search for meaning) take me past a desire to always be elsewhere?

Where to listen (5 of Cups) Much like the card above I initially struggled to relate the card (regret and disappointment) to the prompt. But I do have regrets, even though that’s usually unproductive. Maybe I can hear in those regrets the deeper needs I have as I continue to try to learn how to make my life work.

The benefit of not seeking an answer (Page of Cups) This is a card about curiosity and about creative possibility. I’m about to reengage with some creative outlets, and I can already sense my tendency to place to much weight on them. I always enjoy those pursuits more when they’re disconnected from financial gain or “success.”

How to maintain perspective about how much info I’m actually taking in (Queen of Cups) Show myself compassion. Move to a place of emotional stability so I can process ideas and make good decisions.

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Scorpio full moon tarot reading

Thanks as always to Seeds of Shakti for the spread.

1. Scorpio is extremely intensive, emotional, and highly intuitive. As a water sign, what old wounds will Scorpio help to illuminate, cleanse and heal? (Ten of Swords) This can be a card about healing painful endings. I’ve recently made a decision that seeks to find new peace in a place that previously represented pain. I hope the solace implied in the background of this card is what I’ll find.

2. What aspect of my life is undergoing a potent transformation? (The Hanged Man) Like the hanged man, it’s time for me to view the old world from a new perspective. And to do it through an intentional choice.

3. How can I magnify my senses to experience pleasure? (Six of Pentacles) I’m trying to make choices that are more about giving than receiving. I don’t have much in the way of material resources, but I do have my time and my love and care, and there are people for whom those would be worthwhile gifts.

4. What illusions do I need to break through? (Four of Swords) A good reminder to renew my focus on contemplation and meditation and emotional recovery.

5. What suppressed feelings will surface during the Scorpio full moon to unravel insights? (Queen of Cups) I’m at my best when I’m connected with my emotions, but when they don’t control my every action or overpower my ability to think.

6. Message from the ancestors. (The Lovers) The relationships in my life are what give it meaning. I need to spend more of my time and energy being present for them and cultivating them. That can also mean being near them.

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Aries new moon tarot reading

Thanks once again to Seeds of Shakti for this spread. This one was more of a challenge for me to interpret than they usually are.

  1. Aries signals the start of the cosmic wheel in astrology. What medicine is the wheel birthing for the next 12 months? (Queen of Pentacles) A card about nurturing and being practical and providing financially. This feels very hopeful, given that I’m about to start a new job to which I’ve committed the next five years of my life, and that I’m trying to build a safe, stable life after many years of lacking those things.
  2. As spring returns, what dormant energy is awakening within me? (Two of Swords) Many of my upcoming decisions will be difficult (when is that not true?), but intuition can help steer a path. This is, in some ways, very generic advice, but it also might feel that way just because it’s such a clear statement of truth. That doesn’t mean it should be discarded.
  3. As a fire sign, how is Aries kindling my inner spark? (Three of Cups) I would certainly welcome a move toward collaboration and community as implied by this card. That’s certainly one of my main goals as I settle in a new place.
  4. How can I break through fears that have held me back? (Five of Wands) This is a little bit unclear, but my first reaction to it was that it’s a caution to stay away from unnecessary conflict. I think my natural instinct is toward conflict, and while I’m not sure if I’m afraid of letting go of that, I think my life has been better the more I’ve done that in recent years.
  5. What will seedlings of inspiration will the new moon bless and germinate? (Ten of Swords) A dead body on the beach with a calm sea and the sun rising. For the second time in my life I find myself at a very low depth, trying to find my way back to the light. And I think I can see it.
  6. Message from the ancestors. (Seven of Wands) As with several other points in this reading, the message isn’t clear. Some sources describe this card as a person fighting off other wands, but it could also be a person erecting a defensive barrier. I’ll choose to see this as standing up for what I believe in and remaining true to myself, even as I move in what, for me, are some new directions.

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Leo full moon tarot reading

Thanks to the wonderful Seeds of Shakti for this month’s spread. More information and an accompanying ritual are available here.

1. What medicine does the Leo full moon offer? (The Lovers) Drawing this card in this spot at this time in my life is … weighty to say the least. Does it offer the possibility of a new relationship? The repair of an old one? I know where my heart is on this topic but I have no idea what the future holds.

2. How can I harness the potent energy of Leo for activating what my heart is yearning to manifest? (The Devil) Perhaps this card, and its focus on attachment (even to the level of addiction) offers a clue to the first card. There are bonds that could be shed.

3. How can I embrace Leo’s shadow medicine? (The Emperor) A card that speaks to structure, among other things. At this moment in my life, it’s what I most need. Literal safety and security and structure in the form of a job, a place to live, a community. And of course the presence of those things will make processing relationships (or even having them) much easier.

4. What shifts will emerge after the full moon? (Queen of Wands) The Queen of Wands is all about courage and confidence and social interaction. I could certainly use some of her magic these days.

5. Message from the ancestors. (Ace of Pentacles) I mean, I’ll take it. The Ace speaks to a new career or financial possibility, and like the Queen’s magic above, I could really use that, too.

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Tarot Reading: June 9, 2020

It’s been a long time since I’ve read the cards. Since before we moved to Arizona, in fact. As I said to a new friend today, I’ve been feeling kinda blah recently. A bit stuck and a bit unmoored at the same time. I asked the cards about getting unstuck and found this trio quite useful. The Seven of Pentacles suggests I should keep plugging away at my creative work. The Wheel of Fortune is a good reminder that this too shall pass. High times become low times, true, but the reverse happens just as often. Finally, the Queen of Wands reminds me to get out in the natural world, something I really need to do more regularly.

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