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This is what interviewers have nightmares about


I sleep very deeply and rarely experience my dreams, but I had a dream just before I awoke today that I went to a music festival in England to do interviews for my show. I met the guest in a pub, along with another journalist. I didn’t have an adapter for my recorder because I’d forgotten about the electricity difference. I’d also forgotten to do any research and I wasn’t even sure of the name of the guest. His manager was with him and was disappointed to learn that the show wasn’t going to be streaming live on Facebook, which I don’t think is even a real thing. And there was a British journalist there and she said she’d also be asking questions during the interview. Right before that scene was a scene in a hotel where my roommates were two douchebros. Oh, and I spent the entire scene in the pub endlessly unwrapping mic and power cables.

I awoke unsettled and embarrassed.

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I just recorded my first interview since last summer

Rudresh Mahanthappa_Cover_Art Tonight I interviewed saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa about his forthcoming album Bird Calls. The album comes out on Feb. 10. It features Matt Mitchell on piano, Francois Moutin on bass, Rudy Royston on drums and Adam O’Farrill on trumpet. You’ll hear the interview soon on The Jazz Session. On Wednesday I’m going to interview Peter Apfelbaum. And then Akua Dixon next week. And then…lots more people.

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The Jazz Session is back!


We did it! Thank you all so much!

In particular, I’d like to thank Josh Rutner and Patrick McCurry for their help with the planning and execution of this Kickstarter campaign. It would not have happened without them.

The Jazz Session’s new season starts October 1, 2013.

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2013 Grammy Nominees On The Jazz Session

Here’s a list of interviews I’ve conducted with people who’ve been nominated for Grammy awards this year. Click on the artist’s name to hear their appearance on The Jazz Session.

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Small world moments

Several things happened today that reminded me how we’re all connected.

First, a poem I wrote ended up on a show I love, The Basketball Jones. The poem was inspired by a line one of the hosts said on the show and I Tweeted him about it. I certainly never expected it would be read on the show. The reading was hilarious, as were the hosts’ comments afterward.

Second, in the comments for that episode of the show, one of the viewers said that in addition to The Basketball Jones, his other favorite show is The Jazz Session. How crazy is that?

Finally, I went to a job counseling meeting yesterday that was part of the requirements for my unemployment benefits. Today I got an email from a guy saying that he was sitting behind me at the session yesterday and that he’s a fan of and follows me on Twitter.

Totally crazy.


Poetry & jazz with Sam Sadigursky

Show #150! Crazy, ain’t it?

Multi-instrumentalist Sadigursky just released Words Project III: Miniatures (New Amsterdam, 2010), the third in his series of releases combining contemporary poetry with improvised and through-composed music. In this interview, Sadigursky talks about his decision to use poems as an inspiration for composition; which texts lend themselves to his work and why; and what the various vocalists on his albums bring to the music. Learn more at

LISTEN: The Jazz Session #150: Sam Sadigursky

If you’d like to buy this album, you can support The Jazz Session by purchasing it via the link below:


Big news for The Jazz Session!


I’m thrilled to announce the launch of a new partnership with All About Jazz, the world’s most visited jazz Web site. AAJ founder Michael Ricci and I have been working together for several years now, with AAJ hosting transcriptions of the interviews that appear on The Jazz Session.

Now we’ve decided to combine forces. That means The Jazz Session will be featured on the home page at We’ll also be working together to visit festivals on behalf the new TJS/AAJ partnership, starting this summer with the Tanglewood Jazz Festival and others. The idea is to conduct interviews right in front of the crowds who come to see the artists. Then we’ll bring these interviews to you after the festivals.

We’re also launching a widget for The Jazz Session that will allow you to display the latest episode right on your blog or Web site. I’ll be mentioning the blogs and sites that do this on episodes of the show, and also linking to them from this site. So if you decide to link to The Jazz Session, please let me know at

For more information on the new partnership, and for instructions on adding the widget to your site, please read the press release.

The Jazz Session hits 200,000 downloads

On the very same day that The Jazz Session announced its new partnership with All About Jazz, the show hit 200,000 downloads. I’m so proud of the show and grateful to all of you for supporting it. This is a true labor of love for me, and I hope it shows in the interviews.



Jason Crane interviews trumpeter Hugh Masekela about his 2009 album Phola (Times Square Records). The album finds Masekela in a quieter, more reflective mood — a decision he credits to producer Erik Paliani. Despite the more reserved surroundings, Masekela’s flugelhorn playing is as intense as ever. In the interview, Masekela discusses Miriam Makeba, music as a political force, and why he doesn’t play for fun.


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