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New Jazz Lineup

24 November 2004
City Newspaper

by Ron Netsky

When Traffic Jam, the popular afternoon jazz show on WGMC 90.1 FM, ended on Friday, November 19, it also marked the end of Jason Crane’s tenure at the station. Along with hosting the show for three years, Crane has served as station manager, overseeing a period of remarkable growth. His primary achievement was raising the funds to purchase a new tower, boosting the station to 15,000 watts.

“I feel really good about leaving now,” says Crane, “the station is stable and growing and it can continue to grow without me. Crane, who has a longstanding interest in politics and history, says that his concern for the country has lead him to the decision to pursue a Ph.D. in American History and become a college professor.

Rob Linton, who will fill his shoes as the new Station Manager, has extensive radio experience at WHAM 1180 AM. Linton, 24, is excited about expanding WGMC’s listener base and taking the station to the next level.

“It’s a completely different environment from WHAM,” says Linton. “You’re dealing with listeners who love the station and support it.” Although jazz is not his priority when it comes to music, Linton plans to catch up on it before making his on-air debut.

“His job is not to be the jazz guru,” says Crane. “We have plenty of people working here who know jazz. His job is to make sure there’s a station to work at and to make it grow.”

Crane, who has held many different jobs in the past, says he never really expected to become station manager at WGMC in the first place.

“This was a fluke, but it’s probably the best fluke I’ll ever experience.”

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