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POEM: another meditation

another meditation a sateen breeze tousles the grass at the edge of the cement patio chipping sparrows flit to the feeders, running low after our week away one insistent crow shouts from a nearby tree; I think I see him … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Day Mystery

On Mothers Day I revealed to my mom that the man who raised her wasn’t her biological father. Here’s the story. Continue reading

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POEM: Anichka

Anichka she burned his books, laughed as she filmed the fire she grows more beautiful with the passage of time hardened shell a byproduct of an uncertain past her mother’s example the ink on her skin never dries drips down … Continue reading

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POEM: reenlisting

reenlisting for Owen I didn’t go home after the war, instead — rucksack slung over my shoulder ashamed of who I’d become & of who I’d left behind — I wandered for years winding a course through scrubland surviving on … Continue reading

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POEM: things the Buddha said

things the Buddha said the Buddha said to thine own self be true the Buddha said take two of these and call me in the morning the Buddha said a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush … Continue reading

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POEM: every white person has a Cherokee grandma

every white person has a Cherokee grandma every white person has a Cherokee grandma & a dream catcher dangling like a promise from the rear-view mirror of their Forester they never look back because someone might be losing everything we … Continue reading

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