What I Read In January 2016


I started reading the Harry Potter series for the second time in January. Finished it in the middle of February. I also read a bunch of stuff about Unitarian Universalism because my partner and I are getting involved in our local UU fellowship. Scott Meyer’s The Authorities is a charming whodunnit, and A Tale Of The I Ching is a lyrical and fictional account of that famous book’s origins.

What I Read In August & September


Not much. With the start of my new morning show job and the resultant early nights, coupled with my marathon to finish the 26 years of classic Doctor Who, my reading slowed waaaaaay down in August and September. I read and enjoyed a book about film editing (recommended by Mark Kermode); finished two books about various aspects of Doctor Who that I’d begun earlier in the year; read Neil Perryman’s charming book about watching classic Who with his wife; and read a wonderful biography of Syd Barrett, one of the founding members of Pink Floyd.

What I Read In July


My reading slowed down in July, at least partly because I started working 60-hour weeks. I really enjoyed what I read, though. It was fun to read Dune for the second time, and I think I got even more out of it this time. My acquaintance Jessica Smith’s excellent book of poetry Life-list was both a challenge and a joy to read. As The World Burns is a funny and terrifying graphic novel. Thomas Merton’s selection of Gandhi’s writing is inspiring. And Letters From Yellowstone is a very engaging epistolary novel. I started, and subsequently gave up on, The Watchman’s Rattle. And I’m partway through about five other books.

What I Read In June


I read 12 books in June, tilted a bit too heavily toward dudes, apparently. The best thing I read was Zen Teachings Of Homeless Kodo, which I found very inspiring and would recommend to anyone interested in Buddhism generally, and Soto Zen in particular. I enjoyed everything I read this month except Night Film, which started strong and ended up very disappointing.

What I Read In May


I read just nine books in May, largely because one of them was a big beast: the excellent Rain Of Gold by Victor VillaseƱor. I also read a book I helped to support via Kickstarter: The Whole Shot, a book of interviews with Gregory Corso. And I read a book of poetry by Allyson Whipple. She’s pretty neat. And you can quote me.

What I Read In April


Clearly I read a lot of comic books again this month, although I read other stuff, too, including the selected poetry of Wislawa Szymborska; Neil Gaiman’s excellent book about The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy; Heather O’Neill’s difficult and beautiful Lullabies For Little Criminals; and my first Agatha Christie novel. I’m still plowing my way through the Ultimate Marvel universe, but I’m reading other comics, too. I really enjoyed Private Eye by Brian Michael Bendis; the ongoing Saga by Brian K. Vaughan; and Matt Fraction’s twisted and fun Sex Criminals.