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POEM: things the Buddha said

things the Buddha said the Buddha said to thine own self be true the Buddha said take two of these and call me in the morning the Buddha said a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush … Continue reading

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Morning epiphany

Had a big epiphany this morning. The religious zeal and calling I feel is directed toward the creation of an intentional community. I also feel a very strong love and gratitude for Buddhism. My Buddhism has been a solitary practice … Continue reading

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Smashing bodhisattvas

The other day I wrote a poem called “the bodhisattva of Prospect Ave (all praise to Jah)” after a walk I took around town. Today I took another walk and discovered two things: (1) the statue is on Hamilton Ave, … Continue reading

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Brad Warner on Zen Buddhism as a communal practice

I finished Brad Warner’s Don’t Be A Jerk today for the second time, in preparation for reading his follow-up, It Came From Beyond Zen! Don’t Be A Jerk is described as a “radical but reverent paraphrasing of Dogen’s Treasury of … Continue reading

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POEM: the bodhisattva of Prospect Ave (all praise to Jah)

the bodhisattva of Hamilton Ave (all praise to Jah)* briskly walking (trying to get back in some sort of shape) I spotted the bodhisattva beneath a bush the moss covering him like a robe the leaves surrounding him like an … Continue reading

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POEM: particle & wave

particle & wave peel back the flesh over the sternum, then slowly separate the ribs there in the center is the light, both particle & wave the light will spill into the room, but that’s to be expected reach your … Continue reading

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