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Owen & Jason play “Honeybee” by Steam Powered Giraffe

Let me tell you a thing. I think I first had a girlfriend when I was 14 or 15. I’m 42 now, which means I’ve been dating people for 27 or 28 years. For all of that time, I’ve wanted … Continue reading

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Packin’ styrofoam plates … to the Pharcyde

Back in, as it were, the day (summer of ’93), I worked in a Mobil factory in upstate New York packing styrofoam plates into plastic bags so they could be shipped to stores and cafeterias. It was a hot, boring … Continue reading

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POEM: untitled (“I don’t know what Alice Coltrane is singing about”)

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POEM: true religion

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Why Kids Should Study Music

Tonight I went to my fourth-grader’s instrumental music orientation meeting. It was very professionally run and contained everything we needed to know to get started. And it was only as long as it needed to be, which was great. One … Continue reading

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Hmmmm. Maybe I’m not a saxophonist.

Clearly I’m a saxophonist, right? I mean, I’ve been playing the saxophone for nearly 30 years now. For a bunch of those years, I did it for my living. These days, after 15 years away, I’m playing the saxophone professionally … Continue reading

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