POEM: Prospect Park Lake

Prospect Park Lake

a silent fleet paddles by
streaming out in a v
behind the leader

a rat pokes its nose
out of the reeds
it’s waiting for us to pass
so it can run for the roots
of a nearby oak tree

as if on loan from
the set designer
there is, of course, a swan

it looks majestic but sounds
like a duck with a kazoo
lodged in its throat
the sound is shocking
a burp from Princess Grace

the requisite moon glows
behind a low, lush layer of cloud
silvering the waters

and in a moment of madness
I get down on both knees
take your hands in mine
lean in for a kiss
ask you not to marry me

3 April 2012
Brooklyn NY

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It’s National Poetry Writing Month! A poem a day, each day in April. This is the second poem I posted today. I wasn’t too fond of the first one.

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