POEM: the armchair anarchist meets the Turkish men

Photo by Jason Crane

the armchair anarchist meets the Turkish men

SportsCenter is blaring on the TV above the fireplace
ten feet away is another TV
        tuned to a different channel

& from the overhead speakers falls the voice
        of the Queen of Soul
I’m trying to read a magazine through the distractions

as if those aren’t enough, Turkish men begin collecting
in front of the lobby’s other fireplace
“As-Salaam-Alaikum” and a kiss on each cheek

because I’m a proper lefty I feel an instinctive need
to approve of their gathering
        to be better than the unwashed (sniff)

that’s when I see the Amway bag
& realize that this pyramid is no Mount Nemrut
& yes I had to look that up

/ / /

Jason Crane
30 January 2018
Pittsburgh PA

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