POEM: Transubstantiation Is A Crock(pot)

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Transubstantiation Is A Crock(pot)

Thomas didn’t want to touch Jesus
because he doubted His existence;
he wanted to see if He was tender.
“Nothing ruins a sacrament like tough Christ,”
Tom said, casting a knowing glance
at the others. He spoke loudly
so that Jesus wouldn’t hear the fire crackling
in the next room, and to distract the Savior
from the stealthy approach of Simon/Peter,
who brandished a rock above his head.
He called the other night the last supper?
mused Thomas. He ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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7 Responses to POEM: Transubstantiation Is A Crock(pot)

  1. Rhiannon says:

    Heh, I like this. I also couldn’t keep God out of today’s poem, although it went to a very different place.

    I especially like line four. Christ is so often tough!

  2. Jason Crane says:

    Thanks, Rhiannon. I’ll check yours out right now.

  3. Matt Quinn says:

    Well written. Am waiting for the lightning bolt!

  4. Joanne Johns says:

    Delightfully blasphemous! What time’s dinner?

  5. Jason Crane says:

    As soon as you can get here. Bring wine. Or just water and we’ll change it.

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