POEM: travelogue


for Irene

looking through the fake
plastic clock
with its fake plastic workings
ooohing & aaahing
at the insides of books

crammed in the back
of a distillery
new & old friends
still stuffed from
a fabulous dinner

The Bronx:
figuring sure
we can park here
I mean what’s the worst
that can happen

a short tour of the places I hold dear
then drinks on St. Mark’s Place
not far from all the dead poets
& front-row seats for SIMON
(some fronter than others)

State College:
sharing the stage
trying through a dozen lines
to make sense of a world
that too often tips over
into madness

The Future:
the fun is not knowing
no map, no GPS
just a road that looks long
but could be a mirage
“there be dragons” – let’s go

/ / /

Jason Crane
July 2015
State College

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