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Which podcasts are you listening to?


I asked on Facebook and Twitter for a list of your favorite podcasts. Here’s what you said. My own list is included at the end. Feel free to add more in the comments section at the bottom.

And here’s what I’m listening to. A couple notes: I listened to WTF for about the first year or so, but after a while I stopped. To my ear, it was too much focused on Maron and not enough on the guests. And I listened to This American Life until this happened.

Also, if you’ll allow me a bit of a plug, I’d like to recommend my own show, The Jazz Session. Even if you’re not into jazz (or don’t think you are), I think you’ll find something to like in these conversations with artists about how and why they do what they do.

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  1. You would love Thinking Allowed with Laurie Taylor and The Why Factor, both BBC Podcasts. I heartily second (or third or whatever) Wiretap. Jonathan Goldstein is an inspired cat.

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