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Category: Poetry

POEM: fatherhood


why didn’t you come looking for me?
sure we moved around but a little effort
would have made all the difference

thirty years later we met in your trailer
ten years after that I stood at your mother’s grave
this has been a time of shedding my past

I have three living parents
I don’t speak to any of them
you cant sail with the anchor down

/ / /

11 April 2021
Newnan GA
for Art Borders

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POEM: real Georgia hospitality

real Georgia hospitality

the first one brought me to a garage
near a grocery store
the second to a garage
near a few restaurants
one asked if I had a way to heat the van
the other made sure he found me a level place
both got me out of the rain
made sure I was safe
for no other reason than being good people
my friend said people will show you
their humanity once they see yours
he’s right & that’s what I hold onto
when the rain comes

/ / /

10 April 2021
Newnan GA
for my two tow truck drivers

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POEM: fantasy


you listened to “Flesh For Fantasy”
I played Fantasy Wargaming

you rode dirt bikes
I listened to 70s prog rock

you seemed impossibly cool
a rebellious teen in a milquetoast town

now I know more about what it took
for you to be who you were

& what it cost
to be who you weren’t

I’ve always loved you
& respected your honesty

even though I’ve let years pass
without a word

Ani told us not to close our eyes
thanks for helping to open mine


8 April 2021
Auburn, AL
for Christian Holland

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POEM: for Sarah W

for Sarah W

it was clear from the first moment
you walked into the studio
that life would be sunnier with you in it
there are people who bring the light with them, you know?

all these years later & you’re running life’s rapids
mapping out the territory for those who follow
carrying the weight for those who can’t
the family we choose is our real family

/ / /

7 April 2021
Auburn AL

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POEM: wheat


yesterday I drove past the wheat field
where you pulled me to the ground
kissed me like our time was up
which it very nearly was

a few weeks between admission & ending
a small window through which to view
a world we couldn’t reach

you’re the last of the volumes to put away
beside childhood dreams & lost geographies
then I’ll close the door on this old library
let the wheat grow over the remains

/ / /

6 April 2021
Auburn AL
for F

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