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Category: Science

POEM: unified field theory

unified field theory

to watch a hummingbird
poke its long snout
into a fake flower
in search of sugar water
is to understand the universe


Jason Crane
28 July 2018
Canandaigua NY

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POEM: particle & wave

particle & wave

peel back the flesh over the sternum, then slowly separate the ribs
there in the center is the light, both particle & wave
the light will spill into the room, but that’s to be expected
reach your hands into the chest cavity
it’s often best to do this part with your eyes closed
the fingertips are more sensitive than sight
as you press your fingers inward, you should feel
the hard edge of a jewel, concealed there in the light
were your eyes open you’d be unable to see it
your fingers, though, find it easily, willingly, hungrily
withdraw this jewel from the cavity & open your eyes
in the facets of the jewel there are universes reflected
some are worlds like this one, but with subtle changes
others are strange lands unlike any conceived of by the human mind
behind these worlds, at the very center of the jewel
is the home of the light; it sits in a perfectly spherical room
never flickering, never dimming, both particle & wave
knowing this is inside of you, what is beyond your grasp?

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Jason Crane
6 February 2018
Pittsburgh PA

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POEM: biology



I will never write
a more beautiful poem
than the one created
by your DNA

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29 January 2014
Oak Street

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