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Tag: Pennsylvania

POEM: tonight I miss New York


tonight I miss New York

tonight I miss New York
so bad it makes my stomach hurt

I long for it like the tan stuffed dog
I had when I was a little boy

I want to take New York into my arms
pull it tight to my chest
feel the warmth against my skin

tonight I need its hard streets
under these Chinatown boots

the sound of the subway coming up
through the grate in the sidewalk
where the snow doesn’t stick

tonight all I want is to go back there
to remember how the parts of me that stick out
and the parts of me that curve in
fit perfectly into its wild beautiful jigsaw

tonight I want to flee these fucking fields
run from these goddamn hills
back where the trees were planted
where they didn’t just happen
where somebody intended the green

tonight I miss New York
ten years is a very long time

/ / /

Jason Crane
15 February 2015
Oak Street

Image source: Obvious Child


POEM: Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay

she is studying cell biology
peering into our tiniest structures
to discover what makes the touch
of your lips to mine so perfect

she moves in slow motion
adjusting her hair one strand at a time
as I pen yet another love letter
to you, whom I feared I’d lost

I thought perhaps she was a vegan
until I saw the bone beneath her rice and beans
we’ve entered the Chesapeake Bay watershed
though the bay is 300 miles away

at the rest stop, she stretches
reaching up for the whispy clouds
I imagine your hands reaching for me
like the bay you affect me, even here

/ / /

Jason Crane
21 March 2014
Somewhere In PA

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