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Happy Birthday, Lenny Bruce!

Happy Birthday to one of my heroes. Lenny Bruce was born this day in 1925. Here are two poems inspired by Lenny: “A Photograph Of Lenny” and “Gerry & Lenny”.

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VIDEO POEM: Inside My Head

Another video poem inspired by the work of Dave Bonta.

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Albert Glover at Caffe Lena

From 101006_caffe_lena I had the distinct pleasure of having dinner with the poet Albert Glover tonight and then hearing him read at Caffe Lena. Thanks to Alan Casline for putting the event together and for inviting me to tag along. … Continue reading

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Why I became a vegan

I’ve been a vegan for 24 hours and have already started fielding questions from friends and acquaintances about why I made this decision. Many of my friends (in particular, Jenn Cornish) have offered words of support and resources for navigating … Continue reading

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POEM: tornado watch

tornado watch the restaurant sign is lying on its side on the sidewalk we have no hatches to batten in this city of weak wind but the world is changing and you don’t need a weatherman to know the wind … Continue reading

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VIDEO POEM: sideways world

Inspired by Dave Bonta’s one-minute video poem, here’s my first-ever attempt at mixing video and poetry. Here’s the text of the poem: sideways world I ride my bicycle in a sideways world keeping my balance while the cars pass overhead … Continue reading

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