POEM: do this in remembrance of me


do this in remembrance of me

I don’t remember how they died
though it hasn’t been that long
maybe it was their hearts
or just being old
honestly I don’t even remember
how long it’s been
five years for one, eight for the other
I don’t know
we never had a proper funeral for either
which struck me as a mistake
one should always stop to remember the dead
nor are there markers on a patch of grass
or a plaque on a bench in Lenox
no, for now their ashes sit on a shelf
in two urns, side by side (I assume)
in a little town to which they had no connection
to which I have (almost) no connection either
so on this day, or any other
when I feel I’d like to sit under a tree
near a headstone, or on a bench
in the town they most liked to call home
the most I can do is put pen to paper
search my chest for the two little holes they left
and hope that’s enough to remember them by

Jason Crane
10 May 2015
Oak Street

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