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This is what interviewers have nightmares about


I sleep very deeply and rarely experience my dreams, but I had a dream just before I awoke today that I went to a music festival in England to do interviews for my show. I met the guest in a pub, along with another journalist. I didn’t have an adapter for my recorder because I’d forgotten about the electricity difference. I’d also forgotten to do any research and I wasn’t even sure of the name of the guest. His manager was with him and was disappointed to learn that the show wasn’t going to be streaming live on Facebook, which I don’t think is even a real thing. And there was a British journalist there and she said she’d also be asking questions during the interview. Right before that scene was a scene in a hotel where my roommates were two douchebros. Oh, and I spent the entire scene in the pub endlessly unwrapping mic and power cables.

I awoke unsettled and embarrassed.

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