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  1. Neat! I am curious about what inspired you to write about Malcolm today. Anything in particular? Also, where did you get the idea for the shape? Did it just come to you?

    It’s always so lovely to see people honor him because so many people continue not to recognize his contribution. (The Autobiography should be required reading in schools.)

    • Hi Chanda,

      Thanks for stopping by. There was no particular inspiration for writing this today, other than the general inspiration I get from Malcolm. Actually, the shape (an “X”) came to me first, and then the natural content seemed to be to write about Malcolm X.

  2. swiss swiss

    i really like that on it’s own. i like the x but the poem stands well on its own. nice one!

    • Thanks! Do you think it would be better without the shape?

  3. I like it with the shape! I was generally curious what inspired you to write a poem in a shape at all. Did you see something recently that inspired you?

    • I don’t remember any particular shape poems, although I know I’ve recently read several poets who use shape to one degree or another. Even just indentation of lines or placement of phrases on the page. I never do that, and it seemed like something worth trying.

  4. nicely done. the reading, too.
    I have enough trouble formatting the occasional indentation.

    • Thanks, Barbara. Believe me, I’m no whiz at formatting. This was all done using the tab key. (It’s magic!)

  5. magically done…thanks for sharing your words

  6. Jason,
    This is so well done! I love the poem and the layout is so cool!

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