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POEM: Oh Lord

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Oh Lord

Don’t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me
When Charles wrote that,
the (magic) mushroom
seemed like a very real possibility.
Like there could be a day
when there were no more days,
when spring would jump
straight to winter
and the switch would get stuck.

Now his words sound quaint and old-timey,
like interring the Japanese
or smallpox blankets
or the city of gold that was exchanged
for dark flesh. Like bomber blackouts
on the West Coast and ships
in Davey Jones’ locker,
sent there by folks flapping their gums.

We don’t worry ’bout that no more.
We have seen the enemy and they are winning.
With friends like we’ve got, it’s just as well
Dastardly Dan leaves that girl tied to the tracks.
She’d better pray the train kills her,
because her insurance won’t cover just
losing a limb or two. That’s an act of God,
they’ll say. The Big Guy doesn’t like it
when you don’t pay your rent.

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  1. Maybe, as well as keeping us bomb-free, he’d consider buying me a Mercedes-Benz, eh?

  2. this is the crux of everything:

    “Like there could be a day
    when there were no more days,”


    and hi!

    • Thanks, Carolee. And “hi” back! See you at Wordfest?

  3. Jason.
    Dastardly Dan indeed! Good one!

    • Bwah-hah-hah! (That was an evil laugh, in case that wasn’t clear.)

  4. indeed a CELEBRATION…..nice words and thanks for sharing this

  5. all i can think abt is the day they ran outta sugar in the grocery store… can’t live w/o sugar regardless of the weather or itz hard swimming across the colorado for freedom when the waterz cold… hard to imagine the borders closed and the liberty lady being blind… ouch backward bliss

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