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POEM: Careful With That Gene, You Ax

Careful With That Gene, You Ax

This is what happens when you listen to
early Pink Floyd in the office with the volume
cranked way up. It’s almost closing time
& nearly everyone is gone. The guitar sounds
like a scream, or maybe the scream sounds
like a guitar. I let the music scream for me
because if my coworkers walked in & found me
on the desk shrieking they’d probably call someone official.
I’ve got 14,532 steps on my Fitbit today & not one of them
landed me anywhere good.
Beige. Everything is beige.
I love stories about the sea because at sea
you can look out to the horizon and it’s infinite.
You can’t do that with beige.
I’m making money for the Big Boss.
All things being equal, I’d rather put him on a rocket
& set the controls for the heart of the sun.

/ / /

Jason Crane
9 December 2019
State College PA

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