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POEM: Undershirt Blues

Undershirt Blues

I’m a fat guy in business casual:
executive Crocs and a shirt with buttons.
I took a lunchtime walk wearing a jacket
past closed shops and defunct restaurants.
Still, the city is finding its footing,
repairing the damage from the white whale.
I’m looking for stable ground, too,
though it’s not easy to find in the Walmart lot.
I returned from the walk sweaty,
wondering if two layers is the right move.
Maybe short sleeves are the way to go.
Or healthier eating habits.
In any case I’m faking it till I make it:
a standing desk during the daytime,
a cot in the back of a minivan at night.
A wise person once told me:
You can’t fix everything at once.

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12 April 2022
Pittsfield MA

(NaPoWriMo Day 12)

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