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POEM: Love Is

Love Is

Love is watching your friend get a tattoo, then going for ice cream from the gas station.

Love is “I’m going to kiss you,” right there on the street in front of the whole town.

Love is learning to make the Gen Alpha heart sign with your index and middle fingers.

Love is picking up pads from the store.

Love is sitting on the lawn because it’s been a tough day.

Love is El Comalito and a good book read aloud.

Love is unexpected and awe-inspiring and also tiny and subtle.

Love is your hype crew.

Love is the shoulders you cry on.

Love is a quartet, two duos, four solos.

Love is the beginning of this poem, and it’s ending.

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7 April 2024
Charlottesville VA
NaPoWriMo Day 7

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