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POEM: all while imagining kissing you

Screenshot from 2013-07-29 19:28:20

all while imagining kissing you

I felt the hot shower water in my hair
stretched my sore back muscles
filled up Mason jars for sun tea
took a long walk in the hot sun
listened to sports talk radio
bought food for my birds
found another postcard in my mailbox
read messages from friends
read messages from strangers
texted you
left a voicemail for my sons
watched an episode of The Sopranos
emptied the dishwasher
put dinner in the oven, then ate it
played “Samba Pa Ti” on the ukulele
looked at a wall and meditated
got into bed, listened to a comedian
drifted off to sleep

29 July 2013
Auburn AL

Published in Auburn My poems Poem-A-Day 2013 Poetry


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