POEM: crazy angel

crazy angel

his thoughts possessing him
he walks into lampposts
unaware, steps into busy streets
he makes wrong turns
finds himself in dead-end alleys
on the Lower East Side
what he lacks
in the common sense of the streets
he makes up for with wisdom
the wisdom of one who has
seen the sun rise in the nighttime
heard the moon sing the city to sleep
wisdom like the Chinese sages
huddled in their caves
to escape the cold gaze of the emperor
he walks the streets like a crazy angel
shielded from the prying eyes of God
by the artificial mountains of Manhattan
he steps over puddles or sometimes into them
never noticing the water in his shoes
he drops coins in the cups of the homeless
coins in the fountains in the park
coins the last remaining payphone
then he fades like a shadow in the dark

23 May 2013
Auburn AL

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