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POEM: I, Eye, Aye (for Rahsaan Roland Kirk)


I, Eye, Aye
(for Rahsaan Roland Kirk
7 August 2013-5 December 1977)

I said I can’t see but I can see
not the way you see, not with my eyes
I see through the sounds from the crowd
the roar of voices flying toward me
like fighter jets screaming out of the sky
I see through the ends of my fingers
pressing the mother of pearl
stopping the air, letting it pass
I see through the crash of cymbals
the dry thump of bass strings
hammers pounding inside the piano
I see through the windows in my dreams
out of which come magic words of power
talismanic names to guide me forward
I see through the needle on wax
like a forest fire captured in a wine bottle
waiting for you to let it out

7 August 2013
Auburn AL

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