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POEM: Mission: T Minus 12 Hours


Mission: T Minus 12 Hours

they’re letting me take so little
a photograph (no frame)
an e-reader (into which
no new books will ever be placed)
the rest is in my head
there were so many questions
over all the months
they tried to get all the way in
uncover little seeds of doubt
or dissatisfaction that might
bloom in the Martian desert
I let them in, mostly
but I kept one thing just for myself
buried it as deep as I could
because I wanted this chance
and I knew they’d never let me go
if they knew

5 July 2013
Auburn, AL

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Starting on July 4, 2013, I’m writing a series of poems from the point of view of an astronaut traveling on a one-way mission to Mars. These poems were inspired by this podcast by the appropriately named Roman Mars. His show 99% Invisible is fabulous.

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