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POEM: the woman in the crosswalk

the woman in the crosswalk

she broke into a smile that said
seeing me was the best part of her day
we were passing one another
in a crosswalk on campus
I was sweaty after a long walk
listening to poetry in my headphones
but I could hear her say “Hi! How are you?”
as if she’d been waiting her whole life
for my answer, as if it would contain
the secret to unlock something
she desperately wanted to reach
I answered back, as you’d expect
neither of us breaking stride
as I reached the sidewalk I turned
watched for just a moment
as she walked away
I still have no idea who she was

15 April 2013
Auburn AL

Published in Auburn My poems Poem-A-Day 2013 Poetry


  1. Perhaps you have a doppelganger? Years ago, when I used to spend more time in State College, I heard there was another guy who looked exactly like me. I never met him, but a female friend of his ran up to me once on campus outside Pattee Library, addressed me by his name (which I’ve forgotten), and began to talk animatedly. I think she was more unnerved than I was when I interrupted to tell her she had the wrong guy.

  2. Dave, that was exactly my first thought. In fact, I went back a little later and sat on a bench on that same sidewalk, but no luck.

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