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POEM: urdva dhanurasana


urdva dhanurasana

I have never assumed this pose
but I also travel through life
with my softest parts
held up high for the world
to do with as it will

14 June 2013
Auburn AL

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I’m writing a poem a day in 2013. During June, each day’s poem will be inspired by a photo of writer Arielle Brousse doing yoga. I’ve been a fan of her writing for years. Arielle writes the Unforgettable Detritus blog and curates The Sensible Nonsense Project, a collection of writing about people’s favorite childhood books. Thank you to Arielle for allowing me to use the photos, and for all the entertaining and inspiring writing she’s done over the years.

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  1. Jere Gallup 15 June 2013

    This is wonderful, Jason. Very nice work, my man..

    Jere Gallup, Garland, Texas

    15 June 2013

  2. Jason Crane 15 June 2013

    Thanks, Jere!

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