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Full moon in Sagittarius tarot reading

1. A goal to set (8 of Wands): Movement, change and travel. This is very much aligned with how I’m feeling these days. I’ve gone from feeling like a van lifer to feeling like a homeless person to feeling like a van lifer again.
2. A mission to accept (9 of Swords): This is a card about being weighed down by heavy thoughts, which is a real issue for me at the moment. (“At the moment,” i.e. since leaving the birth canal.) I’m going to make it my mission to notice those thoughts and let them pass, leaving room for optimism and better decisions.
3. A philosophy to adopt (4 of Swords): Rest, meditation, contemplation. As a Buddhist you’d think this would come naturally but I still have to work at it. I will.

Thanks to Tarot Nerds for the spread.

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