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Winter Solstice Tarot Reading


1. Embrace your Shadow: What aspect of yourself needs acknowledgement and acceptance during this winter solstice? The terms “rebirth” and “inner calling” are associated with this card. I feel both so strongly right now. I am returning to myself and also figuring out the next iteration of myself. With a lot of help from my friends, both old and new.

2. Cultivate Resilience: What obstacle are you being called to face with grace and courage? This card is associated with regret, which has been a major descriptor (self-imposed) of my life since at least the end of 2020 and probably earlier. I am slowly finding ways to move past it.

3. Nurture your Inner Light: What practice or action can you engage in to nourish your inner light and ignite a sense of purpose and inspiration as you move towards Imbolc? One of the ideas of this card is integration. I’m working on bringing together the various parts of me: poet, organizer, musician, broadcaster, friend, lover, and so on. I’m (re)learning how to be my total self. That means writing more, organizing more, playing more, feeling more.

4. Navigate Transformation: What old pattern, belief, or identity are you being called to shed to facilitate your inner rebirth? This is a card about rootedness. I’ve been struggling with the ideas of place and staying. In the past couple months, I have started to think differently about the place where I am right now, and about staying here and trying to build something.

5. Tap into Feminine Energy: How can you nurture and reconnect with your psyche (intuition, emotions and feminine wisdom) during this winter solstice? One idea that springs from this card is to focus on balanced relationships — ones where both people are giving and receiving. This doesn’t mean not being a support for those in need, but it does mean being aware of both my emotional resources and the emotional impacts of those relationships.

6. Presence: Which area of my life do I need to be more fully present in? Oliver Pickle writes that this card wants you to open yourself up to possibility in a spirit of joy. I have a friend who suggested that for months before I allowed circumstances to prove her right.

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