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POEM: colors



there are some people
who make all the colors brighter
make the salty things saltier
and the sweet things sweeter
they look at you and in that moment
you know no matter what
whether your ship comes in or sinks
they’ll be there
you look at them and think
you’d like to spend your time
making them happy
finding new ways to bring
a smile to their lips
a flush to their cheeks
that certain look to their eyes
when you find one of these people
if you’re lucky
they may look at you and see
one of these people too
don’t grab on, don’t try too hard
just spend whatever time you can
reminding each other
of what matters
love them as fully as you’re able
accept their love in return
and don’t forget to dance in the street
under the stars
from time to time

21 April 2013
Auburn AL

Published in Auburn My poems Poem-A-Day 2013 Poetry


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