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POEM: the result of 20 years

the result of 20 years

Rochester, NY
two-bedroom apartment
Christopher worked in a bookstore
I worked at Columbia Bank
started writing funny poems
we made calzones or Boboli pizzas
I’d come home from the bank
every day for lunch
eat Maruchan ramen noodles
tortilla chips & W-POP root beer
the excuse was I’d just been
kicked out of my house
so I was figuring things out


State College, PA
two-bedroom apartment
I don’t share it with anyone
I’ve got a job answering phones
in a Buick dealership
because not quite enough
people care about jazz
and I haven’t had health insurance
in more than three years
tonight for dinner I had
Maruchan ramen noodles
Utz pretzels and a Vanilla Coke
the excuse is I’m closer to my kids
restarting my life for the nth time
so I’m figuring things out

13 October 2013
Oak Street

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